Flash Data Recovery

Flash memory – more and more popular used in our mobile phones, pendrives, cameras. Easy to use, move and relatively cheap. Most common error occurs when a device can’t finnish saving last information in memory when unplugged. Most of those cases when drive is plugged in again system shows info that it needs to format the drive.

Second type of damage we deal with are all kinds of electronic elements and PCB failures. Some of those cases are easy to fix when all we need to do is to find a broken pad, capacitor or resistor. When PCB is broken and we don’t have a donor there is one more solution:



When a memory has damaged controller or there is no way to fix a PCB the only sollution is to use a chip-off method. Unsolder memory, make data dump from it and reconstruct logical structure – simulate all the work controller does.

Thanks to RuSolut VNR we can recover data from most of the cases, most of flash memory devices: pendrives, dictaphones, microSD, SD, CF and other. We can recover also data from eMMC chips.

micro sd card recovery